Friday, May 23, 2008

Lightning Ryder - Lost

I heard the townsfolk ride on by the mouth of the cave, running after my horse (well, the mayor's) with a dummy on it's back. Probably be dawn by the time they catch it, and I plan to be long gone by then.

The cave shined. Shimmered, like water running over stone, but was perfectly dry. Beautiful, and distracting. Almost stood at the entrance looking at it. Would of been spotted by the townsfolk, and even if they refuse to come near this cave like then normally would, they normally carry guns too.

Can't blame them for their superstitions. The fear that to go in means to never come out. If I wasn't worried about getting my neck stretched, I could easily just lay back and stare. The feeling of peace, serenity. Like time is just going to pass you by without a bother.